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Videos are from our Gala events and in Media... The first one from TV show Klepet ob kavi z Jasmino Karndorfer, we are talking about sound effects. Second one from Gala event Kristalna novoletna pravljica, Kristalinke playing in Grand Hotel Rogaška. And third one is from my Indiegogo Campaign, where people donated money for instruments.

Still:  All donations for instruments welcome...
I offer you sound healing on distance - it works beautifull!


You can feel magic sound from all videos...

Created with love.


Sound SPA offers holistic sound support (individual therapies, sound baths), sound and music workshops for children, adults. Sound SPA is a name of gala events with sound for people.


You can learn instruments for yourself, you can learn what is sound and what is music, you can attend all sound healing sessions, peace music concerts, you can deeply relax and receive whole treatment of your body. 



What do I offer? 

I offer sound healing sessions (individual treatments and sound baths); sound workshops for children, adults, business partners; teambuildings; sound and music concerts for peace, individual seminars. 


Sound SPA philosophy is - what you create, let it be good for humanity and our planet. Creating with peace, love, truth, service. Working with focus, intention, intuition. 


All healing comes from - intention + frequency. 


Sound has power, when you use it in an appropriate way. 

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SLO web: Zvočni SPA
SLO web: Zvočni SPA

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